This November i got the hornor of being invited to be a keynote speaker and open the 3 rd African Trade and Investment Summit, organised by “Ifrane Forum”, it was really a great privilege to be among the many participants of policy makers and economic operators from 25 African countries and abroad.

There were among 200 speakers from Africa and elsewhere, from different backgrounds willing to come togeteher for 3 days of exchange, during this forum, placed under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, we had the opporunity to share our ideas and experiences to create an intra-African economic cooperation for growth that respects sustainable development within the different sectors.

The African Trade and Investment Summit is, according to Idrissi Janati, “the realization of a will, to create a space for exchange, sharing and action that can contribute to the economic growth of Africa and Africa. the liberation of its potential ”, underlining the importance of the Ifrane Declaration adopted in 2017, which includes seven recommendations setting the stage for better South-South cooperation.

“To deliver on its promise of an action summit, Ifrane Forum has made this declaration its roadmap,” she said, adding that sustainable growth is an economic concept that puts people’s well-being at the center of strategic choices of governments.

And to emphasize that the continent needs to base its economy on solid assets and make it a direct driver of growth, hence the interest of the Ifrane 3-th Forum in vital sectors such as industry, tourism, renewable energies and infrastructure.

This summit comes in the wake of the ” success ” of the first and second editions, placed respectively under the sign ” social entrepreneurship and the commitment of women entrepreneurs in Africa ” and ” Africa trusts to Africa ”.

Great side events and master classes

Through a Master Class and coaching sessions, in partnership with the Bidaya Incubator, these start-ups will have the opportunity to publicize their activities, network and explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration. The other event will be dedicated to “foreign investment in Africa, building win-win partnerships”.

This side event, organized in partnership with the African-American Chamber of Commerce, will bring together investment experts, government officials, investors and project developers from the public and private sectors to discuss the issue. real opportunities and partnerships.

“Changing the narrative on Africa and promoting a positive image of the continent” is also one of the objectives of this Forum. Thus, four young African entrepreneurs will occupy the platform, the time of a panel, to tell their stories and share their stories, to inspire the audience and demonstrate, once again, that Africa is a rich land by his young people, his women and his men.

What i really enjoyed about Ifrane Forum was how they braught together around fifty African women from different backgrounds, to discuss the theme and establish a joint action plan to “measure the real impact of African women on the continent’s economy and contribute, each according to its expertise and its scope of action, to show the true image of African women and to change their representation in the African and international public opinion and am truly glad and honored to have been among them ”.

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